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Zynga Poker is a social game developed by Zynga as an application for the social-networking website Facebook as well as Android, iPhone, MySpace, and Tagged. It launched in July 2007[1] and has over 36 million monthly active users.[2]

The game allows Facebook players to simulate playing poker in a social gaming environment. Users enter a casino lobby and can play at any table or join friends for a game. Players choose from casual Texas hold ‘em tables, tournament play, or VIP tables. A leader board shows players how they compare in chip ranking to other players and allows players to send or receive gifts.

As of August 2010, the game is available in Mandarin Chinese in China as well as on Facebook in Hong Kong and Taiwan under the name Zynga Texas Poker.[3]

Zynga Poker is an online version of Texas Holdem Poker, playable free of charge on Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Bebo and iPhones. While there are currently no known cheat codes or other cheats that will work for this game, sometimes various glitches or loopholes arise that can help players win more easily or earn more money. When these arise, they will be posted on this page.

Zynga Poker cheats on Facebook are a fast and easy way to increase the amount of money you have or improve your hand of cards. While this can be a way to play with your friends and look like a Facebook Poker star, cheating when playing for real money can have serious implications. Since Zynga Poker is a non-serious, free online Facebook game, most people use the cheats found on this page to learn the game or to advance faster than their friends.

Often a Zynga poker cheat is a bug in the software or a logic workaround. These bugs are usually quickly identified both by the community and by the game creator, Zynga, and fixed. As a result, there are often few cheats available.

Even when there are no cheats available, players can download automated software or “cheat bots” to assist in game play. As with any downloads, it is important to only use trusted sources as there is always a risk of downloading a virus or spyware. There is also never a guarantee that the bot will work, and Zynga has been known to send warning emails to those who are caught using them.
About Zynga Poker

To play Zynga Poker on Facebook, all that is required is a valid Facebook account. Once you have signed up, you can play with your friends and complete in various Texas Holdem leagues and tournaments for prizes.

Texas Holdem Poker itself is an easy to learn card game which focuses on betting, raising, and folding. Each player is given a two card hand, at which point they may choose to continue with the betting or fold and lose no chips. Three cards are then drawn from the deck which every player can use in conjunction with their two card hand to form any combination of cards, ranging from pairs to triples to five card flushes and straights.

The online variant plays in exactly the same manner, except the chips are virtual, and there is no real money involved. Poker has always been a popular online game but when used in combination with Facebook friends, it can on a new twist. Many Zynga games have a few hidden Easter eggs and cheats that can add interest to the game.

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